System Administration

Competent and individual care for your servers

Monthly maintenance per system Net Price Gross Price
Maintenance Linux-Server (debian) 62,49 € 74,36 €
  - BACKUP per GB / Month1 0,86 € 1,03 €
  - System-Monitoring (Nagios / S.M.A.R.T)2 12,49 € 14,86 €
Service Level monthly per System Net Price Gross Price
Response-Time basic
(mo-fr, workdays, not on holidays, 9a.m.-5p.m.)
- within 12 h (mail)
Response Time 8/5
(mo-fr, workdays, not on holidays, 9a.m.-5p.m.)
- within 120 minutes
59,49 € 70,79 €
Response Time 14/6
(mo-sa, workdays, not on sundays and holidays, 8a.m.-10p.m.)
- within 180 minutes
117,51 € 139,84 €
Response Time 24/7
(mo-so, sundays and holiday, not on 24. Dec & 31.Dec)
- within 240 minutes
251,39 € 299,15 €
General Services Net Price Gross Price
Technician (per each 15 min started) 23,44 € 27,89 €
This block includes the complete technical assistance through telephone in all questions regarding the employed software, for example the installation of additional software in guest systems. Invoicing based on actual time input.
Incidents will be corrected in the respective time frames.
Each bookable time frame includes the lower levels (24/7 automatically includes the levels 8/5 and 14/6)
The initial installation will be done by GmbH and will be invoiced according to effort accrued.
Administration will be carried out only by GmbH. The customer provides access to the server and if necessary the management interfaces of the computer center where the server is hosted.
This is necessary to guarantee the integrity of the system that is to be administrated.
Changes by third parties and the resulting consequences are not within the responsibility of GmbH.
Within the scope of the maintenance contract the system will be kept current to correct known vulnerabilities. Published software updates will be installed on the affected systems after a compatibility check. Distribution upgrades are not included in the maintenance contract. No responsibility will be taken for unknown vulnerabilities of third party vendors.
Additional software packages will usually be installed within the scope of the maintenance contract
Should the expected effort exceed the included hours, installation will be done after consultation and will be invoiced according to effort accrued. Installation and operation proceeds according to standard security guidelines. Secure passwords and special users for different parts of the system are part of these guidelines

Hardware defects will be resolved by the owner of the respective server. The resulting administrative work is not part of the maintenance contract and will also be invoiced by effort accrued. All login credentials will be made available to the customer and will be communicated to the customer if any changes are made.