Administration for hosting infrastructures

End customer area
Domain administration
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micro.conf is more than just a config tool for webservers. Our approach reflects our holistic view of our customers' requirements, we are sure you will find yourself well represented.

  • Conceals technical complexity
    we deal with technical details like installation, repair and ordering of hardware.
  • A different view on technology
    We are talking about customers and contracts not about users, domains or virtual hosts. A few technical terms will be necessary, but we will do our best to avoid them.
  • Multi server capable
    one central administration, multiple external systems. e-mail, dns and web hosting are handled separately.
  • Customer administration
    • Full text search (ajax based)
    • tab oriented
    • end customer login
  • E-mail administration
    We have prepared a sophisticated mail infrastructure for you which is integrated seamlessly in the micro.conf user interface